An Introduction to Jinx and Milo

I am a cat person. Always have been, although I never “owned” a cat until I was in my early twenties. Being an apartment renter is the only thing that keeps me from becoming a “crazy cat lady.” Well, that and the fact that I hate scooping smelly litter boxes. (How can two kitties possibly produce so much poop?) Also, while I’d love to have three cats, the two I live with now barely get along. Let me introduce you to my two “kids”: Jinx and Milo.

beddy-bye kittiesThat’s young Milo on the left, and the beautiful Miss Jinx on the right. This adorable photograph of the duo is almost as rare as a Bigfoot sighting. They never cuddle up like this… like, NEVER EVER! Here is a picture snapped during the same photo session that more accurately portrays their day to day relationship.


Here, you see Milo attempting to swallow Jinx’s head. Sigh. She used to be such a feisty cat, tough, and just a teensy bit evil. I was worried when I brought Milo into the household (he was a wee kitten, just five months old at the time) that Jinx would be mean to him. Au contraire! Jinx was very interested in the new arrival, but Milo immediately hissed at her, like a poisonous snake, ready to strike. He treated me the same way too, at first, until it occurred to him on the third day that I was the chick who feeds him. That magical morning he just ran into my arms like I was the love of his life.

But as for Jinx… Where is the love? They are OH so jealous of one another, it’s pathetic. I can’t pay attention to one of them without the other acting out in some way. In Milo’s case, he gets destructive, clawing the bed, the couch, the seat cushions, etc. Or, he’ll simply go after Jinx, chasing her throughout the house. Poor Jinx, on the other hand, has reacted to the situation by getting depressed. She sleeps all day. While it’s true that felines tend to slumber for 12 to 14 hours a day, I noticed an increase in her normal sleep habits. I’ve tried giving her extra attention lately (with Milo purposely kept out of the room), and it seems to help a little.

I also noticed she’s been putting on weight, although her diet has not changed. I give both cats an “indoor formula” dry cat food, plus wet canned food a couple times a week. She used to be so skinny, and now she’s become a little chunkster. Jinx was also thirsty a lot. I began to worry that she could be diabetic. Fortunately, a vet checkup ruled that out. The doctor told me to put her on an all wet food diet. She said that dry cat foods contain 30% carbohydrates, and that cats cannot digest carbs properly. I was worried that an all-wet diet might give the cats diarrhea, but the vet said that no, once they got used to it, they’d be fine. At 10.6 pounds, Jinx is a little overweight for her small stature. About 8 pounds would be healthy for her, according to Dr. P. She advised me that the weight would be slow to come off. I’m not so sure, because she is so finicky. Either that, or she just has a small appetite. I feed her separate from Milo now, because she likes to eat slowly, whereas Milo is a speed-eater. And when he finishes his portion, he’ll nudge Jinx aside and eat hers! And she just lets him!

So, that’s what I am dealing with. Your advice and comments would be much appreciated!

I look forward to bringing lots of fun, interesting, and sometimes touching cat stories to my WordPress audience!

Crazy eyes! Milo better watch his back!
Crazy eyes! Milo better watch his back!

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2 thoughts on “An Introduction to Jinx and Milo”

  1. I just found your blog. love your writing style!

    I hope you followed the vets advice about an all wet food diet (if the cats will eat it, better to feed them dry than have them quit eating). the thirst could be an early sign of kidney disease, has that been ruled out?

    My two cats, 14 year old Topaz and 3 year old Mozaic get along famously for the most part since I rescued Mozaic at the end of June. (I lost my 14 year old tortie Zesty April 14, which devastated me.) But Mozaic is a speed eater and she too will gobble down Topaz food unless I am vigilant at all times, as Topaz takes forever to finish her dish, and she will let Mozaic eat her food too.

    Taking away the dry food stops the free feeding that most of us do when we feed our cats dry food (I stopped months ago when I learned the dangers of dry food). And as cats are sedentary (you must try to play with them, and keep them active, one on one, since yours sound like mine, I try to play with Topaz, Mozaic jumps in and Topaz walks away.) Which is why you rkitty is putting on weight without eating more. Like us, if they are sedentary and sleep a lopt and as they get older, they gain weight.


  2. Hi! Thanks for your compliments and comments. I’m gonna try to get to all (or most) of them! I am aware of the seriousness of kidney disease in cats. I unfortunately lost a cat, Deej, to kidney failure about eight years ago. I don’t think it was diet-related though, as all our other animals were healthy, and everyone was pretty much eating the same food.

    I am happy to report that Jinx is looking better. I’m getting her to exercise more by implementing play time into her routine! This, along with wet food, seems to help!


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