Black Cat Blues

Things are looking up. Frozen February has meandered into a more merciful March. The North Country’s seemingly never-ending stretch of sub-zero and single-digit temperatures are slowly rising to double digits. And inside the cozy, winterproof apartment that I call home, spirits are improving among the furry natives.

When I last posted here (okay, so this is only the second post in this blog), I was very worried about my beautiful black cat, Jinx. She’s been utterly dreary, and on edge, plus she has gained some weight. I have followed the veterinarian’s advice, putting both cats on a mostly wet (canned) food diet. I can’t tell if Jinx has lost any weight yet, by looking at her, and I don’t have a scale in the house. But I would think she’d be losing weight, because she almost never finishes her food! The vet said the cats should be eating the equivalent of two tuna fish can sized portions (or three Fancy Feast sized cans) per day. Well, Jinx will not finish a can of Fancy Feast, or a half-can portion of a larger can of Friskies, or what have you. She eats a tiny bit, taking her sweet time, and leaves the majority on the plate. Refrigerated leftovers are not met with much enthusiasm.

Milo, meanwhile, is a lean, mean, eating machine. He eats dry food, he eats wet food. He finishes his own food, he hogs Jinx’s food. If I don’t do the dishes quickly enough, he’ll can be found in the kitchen sink, licking the pots and pans. The only thing he doesn’t do is get into the garbage. You’d think I never feed this guy, the way he cries when he smells food that he can’t have (as in, my meals).

It’s also concerned me that Jinx has spent almost every minute of the day here:

cats and charcoal 003

She has been sleeping her nine lives away in this red bin, meticulously kneading a “bed” for herself on the old blue blanket pictured here. I’m happy to report that this morning, she’s instead sleeping at my feet, curled up on a brown tote bag. She was more active than usual earlier today, which I was glad to see. I’ve made sure to give her lots of extra attention. It seems to be making a positive difference. Her lack of appetite still concerns me, though.

Milo is behaving a little bit better. No harassing Jinx this morning… but it’s early. Don’t want to “jinx” things. (Pun intended.) He’s snoozing at the foot of my unmade bed. Yeah, I’ll get to that… eventually.

He looks so innocent...
               He looks so innocent…

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Cricket is my radio name, Holly Gaskin is my author name. I am trying to maintain three blogs here: My Life With Cats, Author Spotlight and Cricket's Frog Blog. Thanks for checking them out!

One thought on “Black Cat Blues”

  1. I am just now reading your second post, which since it was in March, perhaps things have worked out. Did Jinx always eat dry food? perhaps she does not like wet food? usually you have to transition from dry to wet, unless a cat loves iot lie Milo does.

    Topaz is a tiny cat, less than 6 lbs, and if she wats one can of fancy feast a day I am happy, since it takes several meals a day to get her to eat that much, some days she does better. you can try microwaving refrigerated food a few seconds and then stirring to make sure there are no hot spots, and that may appeal to her more. and you may have to try different brands and flavors since some cats are naturally finicky.

    and I am sure the one on one attention will help Jinx enormously.


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