A Jinx and Milo Update

When I  started this blog, I was very worried about my black cat, Jinx, as she was putting on weight, growing lethargic and acting generally depressed. I’ve since made some little changes in her diet and daily routine, and I am happy to report that she is doing much better!

Let me backtrack a bit and give you some Jinx history… I adopted her from the local SPCA when she was just about a year old (she’s almost 5 now). Her original name was “June Bug,” but I knew that would never do. It was too “cutesy” for such an intense girl. After throwing around ideas like Elvira, Spooky and Raven, I decided that Jinx was perfect for her (with Elvira as a middle name). They told me when I adopted her, that they’d had to keep her separated from other cats at the shelter because of her temperament. She was mean to other cats, a bully, I suppose.

Jinx curled up

When I first moved into my new apartment, I was working two part time jobs. I hated the idea of Jinx being alone for so many hours. If I knew it was going to be an especially long day, I would ask a friend to stop by and feed her and give her a few minutes of attention. Of course, I’ve always been of the philosophy that two cats are better than one. I thought she would appreciate a feline buddy… if I chose wisely. I ruled out other females right away. Two dominant Queens under one roof would surely spell disaster! I figured my best bet would be to get an adult male, with a strong personality of his own. Maybe an orange Tom, like Morris. Wouldn’t the orange fur and black fur look nice together? Like Halloween all year long!

But then… Milo happened. I found him on Craigslist, in the “free” section. It was placed by a military couple, both of them in the Army, and they just didn’t have time for this needy little five-month-old kitten. He came with everything: litter box, toys, food bowl, cat chow, and papers showing that he’s had his shots. (Oh, and this adorable Star Wars collar!) How could I say “no”???

Star Wars Collar

I was worried that Jinx might be mean to the little guy. But she was intrigued. She wanted to make friends, but Milo was having none of it! Tiny as he was back then, he hissed at her and chased her off! Over the next few months, as Milo grew, he continued to bully Jinx, especially at feeding time. Also, I have to admit that I spoiled him rotten. He was such a cute baby, and a natural “poser” that I was taking pics of him all the time. Poor Jinx must have started to think that I loved him more.

Upside Down, Boy You Turn Me Inside Out

Lately, I’ve been making sure that Jinx and I get some one-on-one time at least twice a day, without Milo butting his little head in. The extra coddling, plus the switch to mostly canned food, rather than all dry, has made a big difference. Jinx is more active, even a little playful at times. She’s been giving Milo a run for his money, rather than just giving in to him. They don’t seriously fight, but they “box” and swat at each other.

Milo Jinx grass meeting

I still hold on to the hope that they will be buddies one day. I do love to see kitties snuggled up together for a cat nap! It still might happen. 🙂


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