Opposites Attack

The more I study my two kitties, Jinx and Milo, the more I am convinced that they are from two different planets. Talk about polar opposites! If I had gone out of my way to find two more dissimilar cats, I don’t think I could have done a better job.

Jinx is laid back and mellow. She gets nervous and agitated by loud outdoor sounds, such as garbage trucks and fire sirens, even though they are a pretty frequent occurrence in our neighborhood. Milo is unphasable. He is a Type A personality, always eager to play, to chase, to discover! The only time he is still is when he’s sleeping. Jinx, on the other hand, prefers what is familiar and what she knows is safe. Here are some more differences I’ve observed…

Because I believe declawing is cruel, both of my cats have the sharp, destructive claws that they were born with. Jinx meticulously manicures her nails on a scratching board. Milo, meanwhile, makes a scratching post out of whatever is handy: the mattress, the fuzzy toilet seat cover, the rubber ball I was using for physical therapy, the once-handsome “pleather” armchair in the living room… you get the picture. Sometimes I get brave and attempt to snip the tips of his sharp claws, but he hates the clippers I bought for him. I’m lucky if I can clip three toenails before he squirms out of my grip.

Jinx doing her nails
Jinx doing her nails

Then there’s feeding time. Jinx is a choosy eater. Her mealtime method is to approach her food carefully, examine it, sniff it, then lick it cautiously. If it tastes good, she’ll eat it with the best of manners, chewing her food thoroughly and stopping when she is full. Milo can best be compared to a garbage disposal with whiskers. He inhales his food. Cat food, people food, any food, every last crumb! I have keep a watchful eye on these two when I feed them together, to make sure that Milo doesn’t take over both bowls before Jinx has her fill.

Even when it comes to purring, Milo and Jinx are once again at opposite ends of the spectrum. Jinx’s purr is very quiet, barely audible. I liken it to a newborn infant softly snoring with the sweetest baby’s breath. Milo’s purr, on the other hand, sounds more like an idling motorboat. It doesn’t take him long to reach maximum volume.

Hi! Love me???
Hi! Love me???

Lastly, my two furpals (I prefer this term of endearment to the hackneyed “furbabies”) have very different ways of showing affection. Jinx is very much a “giver.” She will approach me at her leisure and lovingly rub against my my legs with her luxurious fur. Since she is not normally the most demonstrative cat; it is always a surprise and an honor when she jumps into my lap, eager to be stroked for a few minutes. Conversely, Milo is constantly demanding and “in your face.” He can be a bit obnoxious in his need for attention, and his jealousy of Jinx.

Not knowing the origins of either cat– preceding their time at the SPCA– I can’t psychoanalyze their behavior and blame it on their very early kittenhood. I can only deal with these two very different cats as I know them now. And “now” is but a temporary state… As they are continuously evolving.

2 cats in a row


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