Mother’s Day With Cats

I have no human kids, but my cats are coddled and spoiled as much as any privileged child. So what if they shed, prefer sleeping on my folded bathroom towels as opposed to their cat beds, and favor shoelaces over fancy toys? I love them! And today, they have given me the greatest gift… No, they didn’t scratch out a heartwarming message in their litterbox. But they’re actually… getting along!!! They’re not tussling or swatting at each other. They’re not fighting over who gets to lounge in the living room window. They’re being nice to each other, even peacefully drinking from the same bowl of water! And of course, my camera phone is broken, so I can’t document any of it! You’ll have to trust me! Anyway, Happy Mother’s Day from Milo and Jinx!


Published by

Holly G

Cricket is my radio name, Holly Gaskin is my author name. I am trying to maintain three blogs here: My Life With Cats, Author Spotlight and Cricket's Frog Blog. Thanks for checking them out!

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