Interview with “Avalon” Author Vanessa Morgan

Re-blogging my Author Spotlight blog here, since it is about cats!

Author Spotlight

I recently had the pleasure of reading and reviewing Avalon, an ebook/ memoir by author and screenwriter, Vanessa Morgan. The story begins in 2001, in Belgium, when the author happened upon a stray Turkish Van cat, apparently a stray. This would prove to be a life-changing experience, that would shape her personal and professional future.

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From the beginning, Avalon causes nothing but trouble, clashing with the other cats in the household and earning a reputation among the neighbors as the “Al Capone of Brussels,” due to his ornery demeanor. When Vanessa moves out of her boyfriend’s apartment and it’s just her and Avalon, the cat’s mood improves somewhat, but the cat is still very possessive of her, greatly hampering her social life. She puts up with the cat, refusing to give him up, even when threatened with eviction. She knows they are kindred spirits. Avalon makes…

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