A Milo Mini Update


christmas memories 041

The latest news on Milo’s eye situation is frustrating. The hospital in Syracuse I was advised to contact replied to my email as such: 

Unfortunately our Ophthalmologist, Dr B. recently semi-retired and is no longer available for appointments at VMC. 

At this time, Dr B.is still seeing appointments in Rochester so I would recommend calling the clinic there.

Thank you, and have a great day!  
Yeah, I’ll have a super day after that. Sigh. Rochester is 150 miles from my home city of Watertown, more than twice the distance as Syracuse. I don’t drive, so I have to depend on someone else to get me there. I still have to contact the Fulton facility; I don’t expect to make any meaningful contacts until after the New Year weekend is over. That would be the closest to me, at “only” 61 miles away.
Meanwhile, Milo is doing super-well with the antibiotic ointment. His eyes are bright and clear, with most of the redness gone away. He’s my little trooper!
Milo, Jinx and I wish all of you a Happy New Year! Please continue to follow our story in 2016!
Bed bugs with fur

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