Cat Names: Beyond Muffin


Petco just released its annual Top 10 lists of the most popular cat names for boy and girl kitties for 2015. It seems that the days of giving our cats cutie-pie monikers like Fluffy, Princess, Muffin, and Blackie are a thing of the past.

Here are the lists, starting with the boys…

  1. Oliver
  2. Charlie
  3. Max
  4. Leo
  5. Milo
  6. Simba
  7. Smokey
  8. Jack
  9. Tiger
  10. Kitty
Milo peekaboo
My Milo… He ranks at #5

Okay, so numbers 9 and 10 are “leftovers” that have been around awhile. I predict that “Kitty” will disappear from the list next year. I’m surprised that “Tiger” is in the Top 10… What happened to “Tigger” (as in the Winnie the Pooh character)? I’m pretty sure it was high on the list last year. I must pat myself on the back for being a trendsetter… I named my rescue kitten Oliver like, five years ago! (He now lives with my ex.) And I didn’t realize Milo was a popular name for male cats when I bestowed it upon my newest addition nearly two years ago. He has a mark on his forehead that looks like the letter “M” and he just looked like a Milo to me!

2 kitties
Oliver and Tiffany. Oliver is the #1 name for male cats.


Okay, now for the girls…

  1. Chloe
  2. Bella
  3. Lucy
  4. Kitty
  5. Chloe
  6. Callie
  7. Nala
  8. Lily
  9. Gracie
  10. Daisy
Punkin Spice4
My neighbor’s cat, Daisy. She ranks at #10

Petco predicts that the popular Hunger Games book/ movie series will make an impact on next year’s list, so don’t be surprised if you see Katniss and Peeta in the Top 10 by the end of 2016. Also, due to the resurgence of Star Wars mania, Petco experts think that it’s possible that Leia and Chewie might an appearance as well.

Here are some cat names I like for girls. First, I must give a shout out to Tiffany (my little Turkish angora who lives with Oliver and the Ex) and Jinx, who is my perfect, stunning black cat.

peaceful Jinx
Jinx looks peeved that she didn’t make the list!


Other female cat names I fancy, but haven’t used yet are, well, Fancy, for a start! It’s a great name for a long-haired cat, such as a Persian. (Think of the Fancy Feast kitty.) I also like Delilah, Samantha, Gypsy, Angel, Abigail, Emma, Tabitha, and Taffy.

Some boy cat names I like are: Thomas (never goes out of style for big ol’ Tom), Oscar, Jasper, Casper (for a white cat), Samson, Brutus, Jaxon, and Diablo (for a black cat; it means “devil” in Spanish).

What about you? What are your favorite cat names. How did you come to name your own furbabies? I’d love to hear from you!


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