Cats Make the Best Valentines!

Cats don’t care if you’re in your sweats instead of sexy lingerie. 


Cats know that chocolate is bad for them. All the more chocolate for YOU!



Cats give free massages! 

massage kitty


Cats aren’t too demanding. Pet ’em. Feed ’em. They are your Lovers for Life!

2 kittins


Cats may steal your socks, hair ties, pizza,  etc. But they will not steal your boyfriend/ girlfriend. If anything, they’ll warn you if a person is bad for you.


pixxa thief


Any other ideas on why cats are the best Valentines? Please leave your comments!!



Published by

Holly G

Cricket is my radio name, Holly Gaskin is my author name. I am trying to maintain three blogs here: My Life With Cats, Author Spotlight and Cricket's Frog Blog. Thanks for checking them out!

2 thoughts on “Cats Make the Best Valentines!”

  1. They’ll pester you for cuddling but never for sex, they’re okay with what’s left in the tuna can after you’ve dumped it out for your salad, they’d rather play with a light reflection than a video game, they make a hairy back look good, they don’t wake you up at 5 AM so they can go out and take a dump, they look into your eyes instead of a smartphone screen, they can wear real fur fashionably without irony, and you never have to get on them to take a shower–they’re probably doing it right now.

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