Jinx is Six Years Old!

My sweet black cat, Jinx, is six years old today! Yes, her birthday really is April 1st, but trust me… she’s no fool! She is the most intuitive, savvy cat I’ve ever had the pleasure of living with. She has given me plenty of scares in her lifetime, like the time she escaped out a window after I moved, or her recent, erratic mood swings that caused the vet to prescribe Prozac for her. Both incidents turned out well. That time she got out, she was found safe and sound in the neighbor’s basement. And as for the weird behavior, it completely stopped after the vet’s visit. Never did get her to take the Prozac, and I guess it wasn’t needed. She just wanted extra attention, and perhaps a change of scenery (even if it WAS the vet’s office!). I’m proud of my special girl! She got her favorite flavor of Friskies, a little bit of catnip, and some extra lap-time today.


jinx bday girl


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Holly G

Cricket is my radio name, Holly Gaskin is my author name. I am trying to maintain three blogs here: My Life With Cats, Author Spotlight and Cricket's Frog Blog. Thanks for checking them out!

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