How Do They Know???



How do cats know when their people are going away for an extended period of time? Be it a weekend jaunt, or a longer business trip, felines seem to sense when we are planning to “leave” them… sometimes even before we pack our bags! They sense. They act irritable. They hang close to you more than usual. All of this causes us Cat Moms and Dads to feel guilty. I repeat to myself one hundred times in my head: “My cat is not my master. I have my own life to live.” Still, I feel pretty crappy, as I pack my bags for a short Nashville jaunt next week. I trust my cat sitter, Brandy, but I still have– dare I say?– Separation Anxiety???

Well… Pray for all of us, please.

The Glare… She knows I am going somewhere!
Milo loverboy pose
Who needs Humans anyway?




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Holly G

Cricket is my radio name, Holly Gaskin is my author name. I am trying to maintain three blogs here: My Life With Cats, Author Spotlight and Cricket's Frog Blog. Thanks for checking them out!

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