While Mom’s Away…

I guess you could call this a sequel to my previous blog, entitled How Do They Know?

Any Mom or Dad of furbabies knows the stress and anxiety that comes with going away for a few days, and leaving our pets under someone else’s care. It doesn’t matter if you leave your kitty or pup with a trusted friend, a family member, or with a professional pet sitter. I trust that 99.9% of you are like me; no matter how much we trust our pet’s temporary caregivers, there is always that relentless voice in the back of our minds: “Are they okay? Are they eating? What if Kitty slips out the door when So-and-So comes to feed and scoop?”

As I mentioned last time around, the cats seem to instinctively know when I’m going someplace. Especially Jinx. She stalks, panther-like, around my suitcase and carry-on bag, sniffing at everything and glaring at me. Her eyes seem to say, “You’re leaving me? AGAIN?”

jinx in suitcase
“You’re not leaving unless you take me, too!”

I trust a gal named Brandy to take care of Jinx and Milo whenever I’m away (which isn’t often). She is employed by Critter Sitters, a business started by a local veterinarian. Brandy is awesome, in that she not only feeds and waters my kitties and scoops their litter box, she brings in my mail and washes the pet bowls. She reports daily on their behavior, and sends me photographs to prove that they are still living and breathing. Here’s a rather eerie one of Milo that she snapped with her cell phone.

“Yeah, I’m from another planet… So what?”

I recently made a three-day trip to Nashville (what a blast!) and felt confident that Jinx and Milo were in good hands. They know Brandy by now; she’s cared for them three times. So I wasn’t worried at all. I sure missed them, though! On the plane ride home, I couldn’t wait to get home to pet them and kiss them and make a fuss over them! Well, Milo was overjoyed to see me, running straight into my arms and delivering scratchy kitty kisses. When I went to pet Jinx, however, she scurried away, her upright tail sending me the message: “I’m not talking to you!” She spent most of the next morning giving me the cold shoulder, then decided that she still loves me, and jumped into my lap while I was using the computer. I cradled her until I heard her familiar, snuffly-sounding purr. By the time our cuddle session was over, my t-shirt was covered with black cat hair. Did I mind?

Not one bit.

Jinx and I



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