Moo, the Conclusion

Although I had been trying diligently to find a home for Moo, I’d grown resigned to the fact that I’d have to take him with me when I moved, even though I couldn’t afford to care for another kitty. There was just no interest in him from any of my Facebook friends. I had given up.

So Mandy’s offer to pick him up that day shocked me, to say the least. I was even more surprised by my own feelings. I felt a dull ache in my heart… the pain of premature mourning. I hoped that Moo wouldn’t show up that day! I had grown to love the fellow, and I hated to let him go. I let my Ex, who’d also helped care for Moo, know. He sent me a crying emoji. He hated to see our friend go, too.

Mighty Moo

Of course, Moo did show up, and although my heart was breaking I did the right thing and called Mandy. She arrived within minutes, bringing a small carrier with her. I was skeptical Moo would even fit in it. I had borrowed a larger carrier for the seemingly impossible mission of corralling  the big guy. To my astonishment, Moo allowed Mandy to plop him right into the little case!

Hasty goodbyes were said, and Moo was gone. It took nearly a week before I stopped expecting to see his handsome, fuzzy face whenever I opened the front door.

Moo meowing

Mandy sent me updates… when Moo was neutered and vaccinated, and when he was finally ready to go to his forever home. He’d be living on a farm, I learned, where he’d have a warm house to live in during the fall and winter. During spring and summer, he’d be free to roam the grounds and mingle with the goats, sheep, horses, and other cats who lived on the farm.

As for his new owner? It was love at first sight!

“Moo rolled over for her and purred,” Mandy said. “And the lady couldn’t get over how much he looked like cat she had before!”

I still miss Moo, but I’m glad his story had such a happy ending.

moo laying down