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My Life With Cats, as Reviewed by… Cats!

Now that My Life With Cats is in print as a real, actual, physical BOOK, I thought I would share it with four of the cats featured in its pages. I had to read it aloud to them, as my cats are pretty intelligent (except for Tiffany), but they’re not clever enough to read. Here are their honest, uncensored reactions.




First of all, I’m a little embarrassed by the revelation that my original name was “June Bug.” The folks at the SPCA thought me to be ornery and antisocial. Well, who can blame me? A sleek, black, spooky Halloween cat named “June Bug”??!? How demeaning! Mom and Pete chose the perfect name for me. I’ve always been a Jinx. I have lived many lives before… AT LEAST nine!!!! Bwahahahaha!

Other than that, I am pleased with my portrayal in this book.

Something you didn’t read about (because Mom doesn’t know)… I didn’t spend ALL my “missing days” in the neighbor’s basement. I had me some adventures I have never disclosed to anyone. Why? Because I am saving them for my own book someday!





I love the book and I love my Momma! I am her favorite! Sometimes I gotta remind Jinx of that. I hardly remember my Military humans at all. Or my brothers and sisters. It seems that the whole world has always revolved around me. I don’t know what “surgery” is, but it sounds scary. I’m glad Momma’s not making me have it. She takes good care of my eyes.

I don’t know why Momma didn’t mention the tricks I can do, like the tunnel crawl and the bacon dance! Or how much I love John Denver. His voice makes my ears twitch. I think I remember him from one of my previous lives. How many am I up to anyway?





I live with Pete now, but I still see Mom once a week. She’s okay. I prefer my Papa, or as I call him, my “Sugar Daddy.”

The cooler incident with my kittens is all a blur in my memory. I was never meant to be a mother. I am quite self-centered. My role models are Mae West and Scarlet O’Hara. I’m not sure I like the way Mom portrayed me in this book. Almost like I’m a…. Floozy!




My earliest memory is of not feeling like I belonged. I was the “black sheep” of the litter, if you will. I guess it’s because I have seven toes on my feet instead of five. I have a very faint memory of riding home in that little red canvas carrier. My goodness, I couldn’t even fit one leg in that little bitty thing now! I’m a big boy! I can’t help it if I’m shy. I don’t ALWAYS hide when Mom comes to visit. Sometimes I come out and do a “panther stalk” across the living room in slow motion. Tiffany may be a Daddy’s Girl, but Dad and me are best buddies.

All in all, an interesting book. Who knew Mom had so many kitties before us?


Copies of My Life With Cats may be ordered by clicking here.


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